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Everything 21st century.

Web Applications - Freelance

We can code in many languages but we also speak your language :). We hear you from day zero!

Software Development As-A-Service (SDaaS)

Utilize premium developers on a need to have basis, for as long as you need. No onboarding needed, full flexibility

Digital Consultation

Are you looking for ways to improve your company's performance? The only way is going digital. Talk to us to provide you with the perfect roadmap for your success

Leadership Consultation

Strong leadership is the key to success in today's competitive landscape. Get in touch with us to develop a tailored leadership consultation plan that will empower your team and drive your company towards excellence

About Us

Understand how our culture evolved.

Our Values

Understand - Focus - Evolve


We strongly believe that the most challenging part of every project is to understand the struggles of the client! That's why we always take the extra mile to fully understand the scale and scope of a problem, as well as potential solutions!

Targeted focus

After we understand and empathise with your challenges, we take a targeted approach, where we focus on your challenges. Our experiences allows us to say that by identifying the core problems and targeting them, success is closer than ever!


The pace of the digital world is too fast, making it almost impossible to follow. That is why one of our core values is to always keep evolving.

"At Avientiq, we strive to understand so thoroughly that we become part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, and lose identity in group experience."

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